Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oxy Clinical Giveaway

OXY® Clinical has become a household favorite now. With a 17 yr old daughter and my mid-life chemistry changes. We had to share it when it came.
That didn't last long at all, because when I found out that it was going to help my face too, I went and got my own!!!!
When I was a teenager, I really never had a problem with acne. Just maybe a blemish here and there, when it was that time of the month. My daughter though, she has it kinda rough. She has even been given RX meds for her acne. It is an ongoing thing with her. So, we try to always keep special face washes and scrubbers for her (even though, they are expensive)
The OXY® Clinical is reasonably priced.
This starter kits costs $9.99 w/free shipping
Each Acne Solutions Pack contains:
- OXY® Clinical Advanced Face Wash – 2 fl oz
- OXY® Clinical Clearing Treatment – 0.7 oz
- OXY® Clinical Hydrating Therapy – 0.7 oz