About Me

I am just your everyday SAHM. I have 2 daughters, 2 step-sons and twin step-grandkids. I have a great husband with a heart of gold.
I have a bit of education. I went to college for a few years until I had my first daughter. I have worked in fast food, assisted living, retail and factories. I try to keep up on all the new trends. I love learning about new products and ideas. The only thing that has kept my attention for a long time is my family.
I wanted to start this blog because in September, I entered my first giveaway and won. Well, after that I was addicted to them and I knew how great it felt and so, I just wanted to let others feel that way also.
I am a Michigan based blogger and a 5 generation blogger. Between myself, my mom, Grandmothers, kids and grandkids, we have all of the age groups for any product.