Monday, February 21, 2011

Conair Infiniti Pro - Review and Giveaway

I have teenage girls, and with anyone with girls, knows that hair and makeup items are a must. If anything happens to the supplies for either one, it turns into a life threating crisis.

Friday, February 18, 2011

TShirt Printing Review

I was recently introduced to a company called TShirt Printing .net. They sent me one of there Grey TShirts with their company logo on it. TShirt Printing .net is a UK based company. They have everything from kids clothing to work wear. These TShirts are comfortable and durable.

Monday, February 14, 2011

UPDATED------Stride Everyday - Giveaway

This is now a GIVEAWAY!!!
I like to think of myself as wayyy too young, to wear adult diapers. I don't have a bladder problem. I don't have trouble making it to the bathroom and I don't have trouble during the night time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skin MD Giveaway

I have been using this skin care lotion for a week now. I love how it is a thin non-greasy feeling. It absorbs really quick. I have tried many lotions and most of them you need to wipe your palms and finger tips after applying them. Or, they have an alcohol base and if your

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ecostore USA Review

The Ecostore USA is a fabulous company. They not only do great things for you, they are FANTASTIC on the world. They don't use all of them nasty chemicles that ruin the enviroment. Which is not only safe for the enviroment, it is also, safe for your family.
I tryed the Body Wash and the All Purpose Cleaner.

Country Bob's Giveaway

First, I have to say, that in my home, I have very picky eaters. My husband is old school and doesn't like to try new things. But after begging, pleading and making deals with the kids, I finally got everyone to try Country Bob's.
I wasn't expecting the reaction that I got. My kids are now wanting me to make the World's Greatest Hamburger (recipe below) every night and my husband is putting it on EVERYTHING. I have only had the 2 bottles for 6 days and they are GONE!!!!!
My dilemma now, is that even though the store locator says that I have a store that carries it, I don't and cannot find it in any local store. I am going to have to order it by the case from the website soon.
Oh and guess what else, the sauce is Gluten Free. This is a plus to a lot of families that have Gluten intolerant family members.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nanotch Giveaway (iPod Nano Owners)

These are really neat. Nanotch let me pick out one for me and two for own of you. As soon as my family saw them, they were deciding who was going to get what color. I had to remind them that Christmas was over and they weren't getting everything that comes from the mailbox.
 I kept the Black one that way my husband could wear it too. This is going to be a fabulous item for him at work. He will be able to hide the cords up his sleeve and noone will know that he is even wearing it. Also, he likes the big clock on the Nano, so when he isn't listening to music, he can use it as a watch. What a bonus for him.

Monday, February 7, 2011

SodaStream Review

This thing is fantastic, great and my daughter can't live without it. I was given the sodastream Fountain Jet starter kit. Along with the Fountain Jet I was also given regular, diet and energy sodas mixes to try.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

H & S Chocolates Giveaway

I have never tryed these but I hear they are good.

Funky Monkey Giveaway

My daughter loved these snacks. I tried them with her and I really liked the Pink Pineapple. I love the fact that they taste pretty good and the fact that they are a healthy snack.  

Also, for the Vegan families. You will love to know that, "with 3 servings of fruit in every 1oz bag, Funky Monkey Snacks are: 100% Natural, Real Fruit Nothing Added Gluten Free GMO Free Vegan Raw Food Kosher"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Z Mei Review

I am totally loving this line. To see all of the company facts click here. This is only my experience. The giveaway and offer are located here.

Z Mei Skin Therapy Giveaway

As promised, here is the Giveaway.

For those who already know about Z Mei:
Z Mei has a fantastic offer for all of you. This offer is only good for 45 Days 1/18 - 3/4
They normally offer:
6 piece collection for $99.95
8 piece collection for $129.95
but for the promotional period they are going to offer the same collections for a dramatic discount.
The discount prices are:
6 piece collection for $69.95
8 piece collection for $89.95

Charm Factory Giveaway

Update.... this one is open for our friends in Canada too!!!!!
I tried to take a photo of it on but it didn't show the detail at all. This is the photo from the website and it doesn't do it justice. This charm bracelet  is so pretty on your wrist. The photos don't do it justice at all.
I don't have time to coordinate my wardrobe to my jewelry. Sometimes, I am lucky if my socks match and the fact that it matches everything you wear is a HUGE plus for me.