Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whirl A Style Review

I was given the opportunity to try the Whirl-a-style Hairstyler. The one that was sent to me was the Jumbo Medium Whirl-a-Style. I did some research on it before it came, so when I received it, I was kinda curious as to how it would work in my hair. I have medium-long hair, but my hair has the choppy cut. So, I was
afraid that I would have stray hairs everywhere and it would just look like a big mess. I was pleasantly surprised when I put my hair in it and just tucked the stray hairs, with the synthetic material, it grabbed the strays and kept them tucked.
After playing with it for a day or two, I don't need a mirror or more than 5 minutes to do my hair. I can just brush it, put it in the  Whirl-a-style Hairstyler, spray it and go. It takes longer to brush my hair or wait for the hairspray to dry than it does to style it!!!
This is perfect for every woman (especially moms) with at least shoulder length hair.
The  Whirl-a-style Hairstyler has 5 sizes and comes in 12 colors.

Jumbo Medium Whirl-a-Styler is the universal size for medium length hair of almost any thickness. Originally Jumbo Medium Whirl-a-Styler was designed for thick, heavy hair. Interestingly, we have found it is just as important for thin hair. It makes thin, limp hair look full and abundant!

·        Video link on how to use Whirl-A-Style   http://whirlastyle.com/a-basic-intro-to-whirl-a-style-video
·        Ask Zaina- Input a profile and she will create a style for you J  http://whirlastyle.com/zaina-wizard
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