Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Rant- Just Because I am so sick of drama and Apts

      First off, I need to say sorry about not getting all of my posts up, immidiatly, like I normally do. So far, I have been dealing with teenage boyfriend/girlfriend drama with my daughter. I have a stalker on my hands. God, gave me beautiful daughters and now I have had 2 (boys, YOUNG men) that are obsessed with them. One for each of them. I knew that they were gorgeous to me, because, I am mom and a bit partial. But, as they are getting older, I didn't realize that teenage boys would claim them, as "THIER PROPERTY" and when the girls have had enough and try to get a way. That "THE BOYS" would not let go.

       Secondly, everyone that has bought a home, knows where I am coming from on this one. We have been getting everything ready to look, finance and find a realtor that is going to negotiate for US. Everyone that has been there and done that, knows that, it is hard.

House they say I can afford
        We are trying to find a home in OUR price range, well everyone involved, is wanting us to buy a higher priced home. Just to have more money in THEIR wallets, which in turn, makes OUR wallets empty. I am sticking to my guns on this one. I am so tired on hearing that, "we can afford X amount, for a home loan." I have been through my finances, I know that I can only afford Y. Also, when it comes to the X amount that requires more of a down payment and I only have the down payment amount for the Y amount homes.
       I am a realist, and god bless everyone that has lost thier homes, but now, I see why it is happening. I understand the unexpected situations, (ie) job loss, illness, or some other unforseen expences. I don't want to be a statistic.
       I know what my income is and I know that my teenager is going to make us have unexpected expences. Such as shoes, cloths, school supplies, doctor bills and the newly occured extra dental bills (since her four wheeler accident and she lost half of her teeth). Don't get me wrong, I knew that there were going to be extra expence's since the day that she was born. I just didn't know how much would be.
The house I know I can afford
       So, when the realtor says "well with your income to debt ratio", you can afford this house or that house. Even though the homes are gorgeous, move in ready and where I want to live. They just aren't comprehending that I am NEEDING, the less expensive, minimal fixer upper, that I KNOW I can live with less monthly payment & stress.
      I am so, sick and tired of the Apt. life. The noise, community laundry and the repairs that the Apt. complex has promised to fix and STILL haven't fixed, since we moved in (in August). I have had extreme patience and have reached my limit.
      I am truly affraid that I am going to choose the more expensive home just to get out of here. If anyone has advice on either subject. Please leave it in a comment. Any and all advice is appriciated. Thanks for listening to my rant.


fluerdelyis said...

Hi, Kelly

Gosh, I am so sorry that your daughters have boyfriend issues.

How awful that your daughter had
a four wheel accident.

My advice for home buying is live below your means. Find a neighborhood that you like and look for one of the lower priced home in
the better neighborhood. For me,
I like a mortgage payment to be between 25 -30% of your monthly (don't remember if that is gross or net pay) Make sure to get a home inspection. Also, a Home Shield Warranty is an inexpensive
product upfront when you buy to safeguard your new purchase. Ask your Realtor about this.

I hope that soon you will find a home you love and you can leave the Apartment living in the past.

Best of luck to you and your family in finding a home and may God give you wisdom on how to deal with the boyfriend(s) issues.


Kelly's Giveaways said...

Thanks Chris for listening to my rant. I have never heard of a Home Shield Warranty. I am definatly looking it up tonight. We are getting a little disappointed in the buying process, just because it is taking longer to find a place that we will be happy with for a very long time.
My realtor probably thinks that I am too picky but I have to live there and be happy not her.
As for the teenage drama, I finally had enough and had to get a PPO. Her safty was starting to become an issue. Hopefully, the boy will quit now.
Thanks again for your comment,

Kelly's Giveaways said...