Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Z Mei Review

I am totally loving this line. To see all of the company facts click here. This is only my experience. The giveaway and offer are located here.

Now, I have very sensitive skin and most facial cleansers burn, sting and make my face red. With Z Mei skin therapy, I wasn't blotchy or hurrying to find a cold rag to put on my face. I can see a difference in my face just after 2 weeks of using it. My face isn't dry, cracked and or tender.
The toner is fabulous. I love that you can spray it on and not have to wipe it on with a cotton swab.
Also, the eye cream is a miracle worker. I am only 38 so, my wrinkles are still pretty thin. The eye cream has made them look like they are almost GONE, with and without make-up. I think I'm in love.........

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