Thursday, October 6, 2011

Droid X2 and the Verizon Wireless Network

I had a chance to try out the Droid X2 and the Verizon Wireless Network. It was phenomenal. I never had a dropped call or low service bars. It even worked in basements, malls and grocery stores.

My daughter had it for a few weeks, testing all of the apps, plus all bells and whistles that it comes with. She wrote a little story about her experience with it.

Look at the deal Verizon  has going on right now for the  Droid X2

Full Retail Price
2-Year Contract
Online Discount

Free Shipping

Also, look at the pay as you go plan perfect for ANY teenager. (this way you can punish or reward them monthly!!!!)

$50 Monthly Unlimited Plan (Basic Phones)

This includes

Unlimited Talk, Data and you can't forget the TEXTING.

My daughter had this to say:
The day the Droid X2 came, I was very excited. I was about to start a new school which had me very nervous. So, the Droid X2 took my mind off of it a lot. It was very easy to learn most of the apps and functions. I seriously, killed the battery a few times, playing with it so much.
Well, after having it for about a week school started. When lunch break came, I sat by myself because I knew a few people there but not a lot. It was ok because I got out the phone and started texting people and going to facebook (which I missed because I had to be at school). Then, a girl came up to me and asked what I was doing and I told her, all of a sudden all of her friends were right there wanting to look at what I had. A few girls told me that they were jealous because they didn't have a "smart phone" and others didn't have a phone at all.
For the next few days, that became my lunch time routine. The girls either wanted to check emails or facebook. I didn't mind sharing.
The best part was that it was an ice breaker and I got to meet new people and not feel scared or anxious.
The next week one of my "new" friends said that she "accidentally"(I think it was on purpose) broke her phone. And when she came to school the next day, guess what her dad bought her? Yep, a Droid X2. She wanted the DROID BIONIC to have a better one than me but her dad said "NO". giggles
The one really bad thing that happened while I had the phone, was that I had to give it back to my mom and I couldn't KEEP it. I miss it sooooo bad.

Thank you to Verizon and it's affiliates that has allowed my family to try the products mentioned.

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