Friday, September 2, 2011

Head Organics Giveaway

From me:
I was given the chance to try the head organics line of hair products. I didn't realize how much product builds up in your hair until I used the Clearly Head shampoo and conditioner.
 I didn't even need the leave in conditioner. I did however need the Natural Hair Serum. I had no idea that my hair was that weighed down with product build up.
After using the head organics products, I can't believe how many different hair styles I can wear. I have worn my hair 3 different ways for the last 20 years. Straight, up in a clip or braided. Now my hair accepts a curl and holds it. The hold part is what really surprised me. I can make my hair stiff as a board with hairspray but somehow, the curls always fall out. Now, I not only don't have to use a whole can of hairspray, but also, the humidity didn't make my curl frizz or fall out.
I only have one complaint with Head Organics products. And that is, I need a retailer to sell it close to me.

From them:
Head Organics formulas are free of harsh detergents and polluting chemicals to keep both hair and environment pure and natural. With world-class research and development, access to global ingredients and true “green chemistry,” this 100% vegan and gluten-free hair care line offers standout performance in both personal grooming and personal responsibility for the environment. Each product is masterfully blended with naturally derived, certified organic active ingredients, botanical extracts, essential fatty acids, glycerin, vegetable oils, natural proteins and coconut.
 head organics is going to give 3 of you the following products, so you can see for yourself, how well it works.
Two-in-One Conditioning Shampoo ($16.50)
 Head Organics Shine Serum/Anti Frizz ($14.50) 
 Head Organics Volumizing Mousse  ($16.50)
 Head Organics Leave In Conditioner   ($13.50)
Retail value is $60.00

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