Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New page and giveaways

Okay guys. I need to say sorry. Ever since blogger has had its issues. My blogger page has not worked correctly since. So the only thing I can do is change to a new blogger page. So, the new blogger page is going to be http// I am truly sorry to everyone that has this page bookmark. As for the giveaways that are currently going on, they will still be going on on both pages. I will just add the comments from each page together.

Also, the 500th follower giveaway will not become a 200th follower giveaway on the new page.

Thank you all and hope to see you at the new page.

PS all giveaways on this site are going to remain open until 6/3 Good Luck!!!


kalea_kane said...

Bummer. I tried to copy and paste it, but it kept taking me to wikipedia. Weird. Can you maybe post a link?

mimilovesall8 said...

I just began following you and would love a follow back!

fluerdelyis said...

Blogger sure has been having issues of late.
Will our emails still show up as "Kelly's Giveaway" or as "ItsMeAgainstThem"?
treehouse.queen18 (at yahoo dot com)

Veronica said...

The link doesn't work for me either

Kelly's Giveaways said...

Hi guys,
I am just now able to see the comments.
Here are the answers for you.

Kalea and Veronica: I have posted the link, I forgot the : on the other one.

Mimi: I am going to follow you now. :)

Chris: all emails will come from

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask!!!!!